Having a strong core has unbelievable benefits for your life and your health!  Plank exercise is my very favorite thing to recommend to those people who are wanting better posture, wanting to stabilize their spine, wanting less aches and pain in their back, and wanting to hold their adjustments longer.  Plank is very simple, it’s effective, and it does NOT take long.  I suggest you do plank exercise daily, get in this same position you see pictured above:  1.  Keep your body as flat as you can (if this position is too difficult right now, get on your elbows and knees instead)  2.  Make sure you’re looking up or have your neck neutral…looking down is not good for your neck or upper back in this position.  3.  Hold your body up for as long as you can.  4.  Drop your knees to the ground and rest for 20 seconds.  5.  Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have completed 3 cycles.

Anytime you start an exercise you are not accustomed to, you might be sore…keep going, it is worth it!  Work up to holding plank for 2 minutes and you will see amazing results in your spine, posture, energy and shape!   The amazing thing is that in 2 minutes per day you can accomplish all that.  Have real faith, eat real food, and prepare your body for real function…Have another awesome week!