What is your toxic load? Think about the products you use in your house and on your skin, many times these can be hormone-disrupters and cause all manner or problems in our bodies. Are you toxic potentially with food additives/dyes/high fructose corn syrup/artificial sweeteners/bad oils?  Have you been on prescription meds that either inhibit or deplete your body’s natural cycles or processes (i.e. birth control pills, iud’s, antibiotics, cholesterol meds, osteoporosis meds, pain-killers, just to name a few).  Are you dwelling mentally and emotionally on things you cannot control, allowing yourself to be overcome by fear, worry, stress or anxious thoughts?  How much time do you spend with a screen in front of you?  How much time do you spend indoors & sedentary?

Are you deficient in any essentials? Is your diet consisting of lots of good fat, colorful fruits and veggies, whole grains from organic sources, raw dairy, nuts/seeds, healthy oils, and meats not only biblically clean but fed a diet which that animal was created to eat (see Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 for lists of animals that God says He created for us to eat, and others that are not food for us).  Are you fasting and giving your body a chance to regroup and renew cellular functions?  Are you in-taking enough good bacteria which not only feed your gut-health but drastically effect your brain-health!  Do you have meaningful relationships with others and with God?  Do you get enough good-quality rest?  Are you getting out in the sunshine daily?   Are you stretching and moving your body throughout the day?