I first came here (in late 2009)with a headache that had been persistent for a week, I had also been having night sweats and chills for several weeks. Other than that I had no other symptoms except back pain from a previous injury. I went in to see Dr Sharla and she adjusted me that day. The headache immediately lessened and within a few hours it was totally gone. My other symptoms resolved within three adjustments. After a few months I was able to stand for long periods of time without back pain (something I had been unable to do since I hurt my back jan 2009). Me and my family have been coming regularly for adjustments and I absolutely notice the difference, or health is better, normal sickness like colds are severely lessened and I don’t get them nearly as often as I used to. For me and my family we absolutely see the genius and will continue coming here for as long as we can.

Nate P.

Clearview Chiropractic has made a big difference in my health and well being. A High School football injury to my neck often causes me pain and stiffness. I go in and in 5 minutes Dr. Sharla has me walking out the door with no pain and less stiffness. The Staff is always helpful and makes you feel at home. The mini seminars are very informative and have me and me and my son loose 25 lbs each by eating the right foods.

Roy H.

Dr. Sharla is attentive, caring and thorough. She is wonderful at adjustments and very gentle. She has adjusted my 10 week old baby since he was 1 week old, and I go once a week. She thoroughly was able to fix all of my problems I had within a few visits, and I saw instant results after the first visit as well. Not only that, she encourages a holistic lifestyle and puts on free wellness workshops the second Tuesday of every month. She is amazing!

Jazmine C.

Dr Sharla and her staff are amazing! You won’t find a more knowledgeable, caring, gentle, efficient, and encouraging Chiropractor. When my 3 children and I began receiving regular adjustments in March 2010, I had some serious, painful health issues, which I am happy to say have been healed, or are being healed, through the wonderful Chiropractic care I continue to enjoy receiving at Clearview Chiropractic! Come here to “get well and stay well”!

Jennifer B.

I LOVE Clearview Chiropractic! I have been going to Dr. Sharla for over a year now for my neck, back, and sinus pain. Dr. Sharla is an amazing chiropractor that is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to her patients. She has a gift of healing and I always feel immediate relief after getting adjusted each week. I used to get sinus infections all the time, now I never get them! Dr. Sharla truly cares about the success of all patients. She is caring and loves what she does. I look forward to going each week because being around Dr. Sharla and her staff is always a positive and uplifting experience. I highly recommend Dr. Sharla if you are experiencing any pain and discomfort and you are ready to get healthy!

Jacki D.

I’ve used Dr. Sharla for 3 years now. I initially went in for back problems, but after those improved and learning about the benefits of wellness chiropractic care, getting adjusted weekly has become a vital part of my holistic lifestyle. My husband and son also get adjusted regularly and it has helped us stay well and feel well. I can’t recommend her and her team enough.

Ashley W.

Dr. Sharla Robertson was a tremendous help working on issues I had prior to competing at Ironman Louisville and Ironman Arizona. Without her expertise I wouldn’t have been able to race! Thank you Clearview Chiropractic!

Anthony W.

Dr. Sharla and Clearview Chiropractic was highly recommended to me when I was suffering with sciatica.  Not only is that situation sooooooooo much better, but also my neck, back and shoulders. I am walking straighter and taller and feel much younger.  I enjoy the professional, yet warm and friendly atmosphere.  I am treated with respect.  My concerns are addressed and questions answered.  The office is
orderly and runs smoothly, which makes our appointments on time.  I also, like the free education  and information in health classes.  Sometimes an organic apple is provided for snacks, when we come in for our appointments.   My husband has been going to Clearview chiropractic  for a month.  He, also is walking taller and straighter, looks younger  already.    I recommend Dr. Sharla to everyone.

Linda P.

I had never thought about integrating Chiropractic care into my health until meeting with Dr. Sharla and learning just how much the spine has to do with our overall well being.  Dr. Sharla and her staff are wonderful and truly care about their patients.  Dr. Sharla’s love for job and sincere care for others is what makes her and her practice the best in Granbury.

Lacey M.

Dr. Sharla and her staff are amazing. The care they give their patients goes above and beyond. She is a plethora of knowledge. I have seen improvements in my health with her chiropractic work as well as the information she gives our weekly.

Ammie H.

Dr. Sharla cares about people.  Not just your physical well being, but spiritual and emotional as well.  Just being in her office with her staff, gives you a big lift for the day.

Elaine T.