Seeing pregnant mommas in each trimester is the norm at Clearview!


The birth process is amazing, beautiful, and at the same time can be very stressful. It is vital that babies be checked for alignment as soon after birth as possible.


Individual or family care is available at Clearview at affordable rates so that you can ALL get well and stay well.


Dr. Sharla is a wellness Chiropractor, this means that she take a holistic look at how lifestyle choices effect the health of an individual.

"Where Families Go to Get Well and Stay Well"


Sunshine, Vitamin D & Sunscreen Awareness

I need NOT comment on the heat having arrived in Texas this summer, but I DO realize the need to comment on the amount of sun we get on our skin for a number of reasons!  The traditional understanding is we need to avoid the sun at all costs, according to many...

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Your Jaw & Your Spine

If you place your fingers in front of each ear and open your jaw, you will feel lots of movement. This is where your skull’s temporal bone attaches to your mandible (jaw), and it is called the TemporoMandibular Joint (TMJ). Lots of ligaments, cartilage, fascia, discs,...

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Busy, Busy, Busy

“God never hurries. There are no deadlines against which He must work. Only to know this is to quiet our spirits and relax our nerves.” A.W. Tozer Do you ever feel like your life is moving way too fast? Too much hurry? Too much worry? Too much responsibility and WAY...

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