Pregnancy & Pediatric Care


Seeing pregnant mommas in each trimester is the norm at Clearview!


The birth process is amazing, beautiful, and at the same time can be very stressful. It is vital that babies be checked for alignment as soon after birth as possible.


Individual or family care is available at Clearview at affordable rates so that you can ALL get well and stay well.


Dr. Sharla is a wellness Chiropractor, this means that she take a holistic look at how lifestyle choices effect the health of an individual.

"Where Families Go to Get Well and Stay Well"


Juicing, Cancer, and How a Guy Named Chris Got Healed!

Some of you may have heard of a great resource for people diagnosed with cancer called “” But, one thing I’ve found is you don’t have to have a cancer diagnosis to benefit from the amazing things he shares on his website about eating a diet that...

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Immune System “D”efense

The state of our immune system is influenced by 2 main variables. The first is the amount of stressors in our lives…(stresses like foods/drinks we consume, Subluxation in our spine, relationships, etc). Clearly the amount of stressors in our lives are NOT just...

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What it means to change your thinking…

Developing an overcomer’s mindset takes practice; taking thoughts captive, then moving our thinking the opposite direction of negativity. Move your thoughts toward obedience to God’s ways and increased faith...because without faith it’s impossible to please the Lord....

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