Seeing pregnant mommas in each trimester is the norm at Clearview!


The birth process is amazing, beautiful, and at the same time can be very stressful. It is vital that babies be checked for alignment as soon after birth as possible.


Individual or family care is available at Clearview at affordable rates so that you can ALL get well and stay well.


Dr. Sharla is a wellness Chiropractor, this means that she take a holistic look at how lifestyle choices effect the health of an individual.

"Where Families Go to Get Well and Stay Well"


Psalm 112

Praise the Yehovah! (Hallelujah!) Blessed [fortunate, prosperous, and favored by God] is the man who fears Yehovah [with awe-inspired reverence and worships Him with obedience],who delights greatly in His commandments.2 His descendants will be mighty on earth;the...

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Hidden Toxins in the Meat You Eat

Today we’re taking a look at pork and the toxic load that eating a lot of pork can have on the human body.  The way pigs were created was with a digestive system that start to finish takes approx. 4 hours to complete mouth to tail (it’s gross, but true).  Because of...

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We are Thankful!

As this year draws to a close, it’s so good to reflect on the past 12 months and move forward with even more gratitude and purpose in 2019.  Did you know that 1 out of every 2 people you see at Clearview is part of a whole family that gets adjusted here. But, WHY? Why...

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